About Us

Spice Guru Shab n Mo-05The chef Shab Uddin, has made quite a name for himself locally with his wonderful cooking.

For the last 20 years, he has been cooking throughout the UK gaining experience and ideas with Indian cuisine. His name is synonymous with some of the best Indian food around.

He started in Holland in 1997 and learnt a lot about spices and how to use them. In 1998, he came to Cornwall and fell in love with the county, so much so, he kept coming back. “It’s not hard to love this area,” adds Shab. “The mix of coast and country is stunning and I just couldn’t keep away”

Shab had always talked about having a takeaway in Wadebridge and now runs it with his nephew Mo Miah who is the manager. They have been working together in in the restaurant trade for many years. “Mo is equally smitten with Wadebridge”, adds Shab.  Shab’s passion for food comes from seeing other enjoy his cooking. “I want people to love the food I cook. I serve a wide ranging menu including traditional Indian dishes, vegetarian, duck, a wide range of fish and lots of unusual dishes that you probably won’t have found in Cornwall before”

“All our dishes are cooked medium but most dishes can be prepared to desired hotness. Our Afgani lamb is medium and truly delicious. It uses double strength tamarind sauce and soy sauce and other secret ingredients!” What are the secret ingredients that make it so special?” “You’ll have to come in and try it for yourself!”

The Spice Guru is certainly not your usual takeaway – fabulous food, great decoration and a wonderful, warm welcome. Just walking in and breathing in the mix of smells coming from the kitchen is a real treat and a promise of the delights that await their customers.

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